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My Cherri Bomb Collection (so far)

1. Cherri Bomb posters

2. Sacrificial Lamb Mask

3. Signed part of the Mask

4. Nia Lovelis Cherri Bomb Zildjian Drumsticks

5. Signed part of the drumsticks 

6. 2 out of 3 of my Cherri Bomb Shirts

7. Signed copy of Stark, Signed copy of TITEOC, and a promo version of TITEOC

8.  2 Signed setlists

9. Renas pick and a Cherri Bomb Bottle Opener

I also have some bracelets as well. 

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  10. the-motherfuckin-punk-princess said: Very nice, I wish they had a merch booth at Soundwave, well, next time, I guess they will. But that probably won’t be till 2014 cuz you’re not allowed to play Soundwave 2 years in a row :(
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